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Billy the Kidden Rescue

Contact: Becca Coleman
Work Phone: 757 651-0206 Website: Billy the Kidden Rescue
Photo of Billy the Kidden Rescue

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Do you have a feral cat colony breeding near your home or business? Don’t let them breed or be killed in an urban world, let us help!

We can TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) healthy cats to live their lives vaccinated, WITHOUT reproducing.

  • Do you have ferals that you think COULD be housecats or feral kittens under 16 weeks? We can help socialize them and find them homes.
  • Do you have a cat/kitten on your property that you don’t want? Let us find it a home!
  • Pregnant cat and don’t know what to do?!

We can help you deliver, raise, and find homes for the kittens. Want to have cats that live 20 years?! We can help you change their diet and lifestyle to accomplish just that!!

Contact us for cat and kitten help at billythekiddenrescue@gmail.com We currently do not have a facility for visiting our kitties, but we hope to one day have a World Class cattery with an on staff vet and enough land for ferals who can not be returned to their trap location.

Our adoptables can be checked out at http://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelter-search?city_or_zip=23322&shelter_name=billy&distance=50&adopts_out=all

Categories: Pets

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