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Discover Your Divine Moments

March 21 at 6:15 pm - 8:00 pm


All of us have let these special Divine Moments pass us by. Join us and you will walk away being able to recognize, activate and even inspire more of these Divine Moments in your life!

What do you call those times when all the stars align, amazing opportunities present themselves, and everything just flows? More importantly, how can you get them to happen more often?

Those a-ha moments, revelations, and God whispers aren’t coincidences. They’re Divine Moments.

So how do you recognize what they are, where they come from, and what to do with them?

Join Father Tony Hash on March 21st from 6:15-8pm for an evening of conversation about:

Trusting your gut and listening to your intuition.
Knowing when something’s a sign to quit and recognizing when you’re meant to push through.
Learning how to tap into your divine flow and work with life instead of against it.

Whether you call your higher power God, the universe, or something else; these Divine Moments are here to help you follow your life’s purpose.

Your Divine Moments can’t happen at any other time or for any other person. They’re specifically for you. Learn how to recognize them so you don’t need to live a life wondering ‘what if?’

If you feel like things could be running a little more smoothly and are looking for the confidence and courage to take the next step toward feeling more fulfilled, come spend an evening with a priest without being preached to.

It’s like a life coaching session for your soul, not a bait and switch to get you to go to Church.

This event is for people who:
Consider themselves to be spiritual, but not necessarily religious.
Are curious, open-minded, or explorers of the divine.
Know there’s something more out there, but are still searching.

You’ll walk away knowing that you have divine moments in your life and with the tools to find your own Divine Spark. You’ll learn how to stop second guessing every opportunity and doubting yourself. And you’ll never have so much fun with a priest!

All spirituality. No judgment.


The Annex Collaborative Studio
529 Virginia Beach Boulevard #Suite A
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 United States
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