Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hampton Roads Unity announces the “Be a Pillar” scholarship

Hampton Roads Unity yesterday announced their benefactor for this year’s Unity pageant. This year the nonprofit has teamed up with to establish the Hampton Roads Unity “Be a Pillar” Scholarship.
“This scholarship, inspired by the heart of our late friend Craig Lyon and the philanthropy of Charles Kirtland, aims to support LGBTQIA+ students as they pursue higher education so they can achieve their goals of making the world a better place. With the constant culture war being waged against our community, we feel it is important to help fund the education of our future leaders and activists,” said Unity president Johnny Benjamin.
Any LGBTQIA+ high school senior or undergraduate student in Virginia who has volunteering or community service experience may apply for this scholarship.
Hampton Roads Unity is a pageant striving to create inter-community activities promoting awareness, understanding, and communication between various LGBTQ communities while building solidarity, understanding, and unity within the community.
The 4th Annual Miss Unity Pageant is June 3 at 8 PM at 37th and Zen. This year’s theme is Garden of Eden. Proceeds from the Pageant’s raffle will go to the scholarship fund.
Anyone wishing to donate to this scholarship directly can do so here.

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