Thursday, June 1, 2023
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ODU Gay Cultural Studies

Through grassroots fundraising and public awareness of issues germane to the diverse and vibrant LGBT community in Hampton Roads, the Old Dominion University Gay Cultural Studies Advisory Council is establishing a program, unique in Virginia’s academic community, that focuses on the contributions, concerns, and challenges associated with LGBT culture. The Gay Cultural Studies program promotes academic research and provides graduate and undergraduate educational opportunities. Moreover, the Gay Gultural Studies program engages the local Hampton Roads LGBT community through ongoing dialogue and community involvement.


  • To foster a climate of understanding, respect, and full acceptance of LGBT students, staff, and faculty at ODU.
  • To offer guidance and support to LGBT students, through academic programs and services that validate and legitimate their lives, families, and communities.
  • To build lasting and mutually enabling partnerships between the University and the Hampton Roads LGBT community, in recognition of our vital contributions to the region’s history, culture, and economy.