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Hampton Roads’ LGBT News & Lifestyle Magazine


Is It The End Of The Line For The Hershee Bar?

Every week like clockwork, there is a changing of the guard at the Hershee Bar. Longtime patron Dex Basnight arrives around 4:00 and lovingly...

A Concise History of Hampton Roads Pride

Celebrating gay and then eventually LGBT cultures in June is a relatively new phenomenon. It stemmed from the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of...


Poppy Champlin Talks Comedy, Coming Out, the Casting Couch, and Basketball

Poppy Champlin’s stand up pedigree is flawless, from her Showtime special Pride: The Gay & Lesbian Comedy Slam and Logo special One Night Stand Up, to The Oprah...


Are My Socks Disappearing Into a Black Hole?

You know what really ‘Grinds My Gears?’  The fact that I am never able to maintain my pairs of socks.  Over the years, no...