Hampton Roads Pride 2018 Board Nominee Profile: Joshua Weinstein

Name: Joshua Weinstein

Home: Norfolk


  • Former board member and public outreach officer for Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation (NSCC), a historic preservation non-profit that partners with the City of Norfolk to maintain its historic cemeteries. I planned events, advocated on behalf of the NSCC, raised over $10,000 for the group, increased the NSCC’s media exposure, gave presentations to the public, and furthered the objectives of the NSCC. I have a sound understanding of nonprofit principles, fund raising, media engagement, and working with municipalities and corporate partners.
  • I have volunteered with HRPride for over two years, volunteering at PrideFest, contributing to LGBT research for the History Committee, improving vendor processes for PrideFest, and also working with the Scholarship Committee, in which I have invested the most time. My work with the Scholarship Committee has resulted in a dramatic increase in scholarship applicants from nine in 2014 before I joined, to 33 in 2015, to 226 last year. I am now co-chair of the HRPride Scholarship Committee, and the HRPride scholarship program is an important outreach component of the organization of which I am very proud. Together, our work has increased access to higher education for the LGBT community and its allies. 
  • I work at the Chrysler Museum and am a contractor for a Fortune 500 company in Hampton Roads, writing speeches for corporate executives and preparing research for their historical archivist. 
  • I sit on the Public Art Committee for the NEON District where we vet and fund public art proposals 
  • I am a member of Downtown 100
  • I also give public tours of the NEON District for the Downtown Norfolk Council

Why I want to serve on Hampton Roads Pride Board:

Since I was 12 years old, I have almost continuously volunteered. First, it was at a nursing home where my mother worked, then it was the public library, then WHRO, then Norfolk Historical Society, etc. I have always believed in service to one’s community, but I also believe in service to other people’s communities as well.

My mother’s sister—my Aunt Irene—was a lesbian who was also my closest family member. She taught me at a young age that dedicating myself to causes that I believe in could help make the world a better place; that is how one person can make a difference. She was right. It is in that spirit and in my Aunt Irene’s honor that I have dedicated myself to the defense of LGBT Rights, Human Rights, and the continued success of Hampton Roads Pride. As an ally of the LGBT community and as a person who is Jewish, I will always support the principles of equality, justice, and inclusion for all. Service and volunteerism to an organization is an important prerequisite to leadership therein, and my years of volunteerism, nonprofit management, and service to HRPride have cultivated within me a highly qualified skill set that will successfully lead this organization into the future.

I really appreciate the opportunity to serve HRPride in a greater capacity, and want offer my sincere gratitude to everyone for their support.

Thank you all.