Hampton Roads Pride 2018 Board Nominee Profile: Ryan DeCorpo

Name: Ryan DeCorpo

Ryan DeCorpo

Home: Norfolk


  • Proven volunteer & member of Hampton Roads Pride since 2014
  • Showed up to enjoy Pridefest and saw help was needed and signed up on the spot
  • Fundraised on behalf of Hampton Roads Pride to make sure that our message is heard
  • Company sponsors and I have personally sponsored
  • Currently an Operations manager for CVS, WHICH allows me to work with different cultures and communities. I am to ensure that all workers no matter race, gender or sexual orientation are treated fairly and no one is subjected to any form of discrimination.
  • CVS Health LGBT Pride Committee member
  • Pride Plungers- Polar Plunge 2016 & 2017
  • (HRP) Volunteer Committee Co-Chair 2017
  • (HRP) Assisted with Vendor & logistics – 2014
  • (HRP) Was a lead for multiple areas- 2015 & 2016
  • (HRP) Volunteer of the year – 2017
  • Helped with set up and break down of Pridefest & other events hosted by Hampton Roads Pride
  • Supporter of Equality Virginia
  • Attended EV Dinner 2017
  • Attended the Teens with a Purpose Gala- 2016
  • Volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast- 2015-current
  • Volunteered with Operation Smile-2016
  • Treasure of PTA for Head Start 2013-2014
  • Sponsor a Child with Union Mission
  • Supporter of Human Rights Campaign

Why I Want to Serve on the Hampton Roads Pride Board of Directors:

I want to be a member of the Hampton Roads Pride Board of Directors because I will not stop fighting until we have equality and inclusion of all LGBT members in our community. I am a bisexual man, who is married to a woman and has two kids. I have seen discrimination from all groups; like homosexuals and heterosexuals because I am bisexual. A lot of people feel there is no such thing as being bisexual but I disagree wholeheartedly with that statement. I want to make the bisexual community visible and heard. A lot of people say we need more diversity on the board, well I am here to say that I am a diverse member because I am bisexual. As of right now there is now bisexual member sitting on the board of directors and I would love to change that. The board of directors of a LGBT nonprofit should have equal representation of each of those communities serving on it. There are currently Hampton Roads Pride committees that are under staffed. The Transgender Advocacy committee is in major need of a lead and volunteers, Community Engagement needs fresh ideas to help get us more present in the community, and Sponsorship is also in need of volunteers because without money to back us we will not be able to continue to move forward. So, let’s make it a diverse board and help each other bring our community together to fight for equality.