Hampton Roads Pride 2018 Board Nominee Profile: Sherea ‘Toni’ Stokes

Name:  Sherea ‘Toni’ Stokes 

Sherea ‘Toni’ Stokes

Home: Hampton


  • Knowledge of the small enterprise development sector and the client community
  • Business knowledge and experience
  • Business and community linkages
  • Emotional commitment to the organization’s mission
  • Strong communication skills
  • Performance orientation (accomplish and implement tasks, plans, results)
  • Of high repute and integrity in business, profession, and the community generally
  • Cultural diversity
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • New ideas
  • Experience serving on the Block Party Committee

Why I want to serve on Hampton Roads Pride Board:

I would like to serve on the Hampton Roads Pride Board of Directors because I care about the children, and people within the LGBTQ community, I care about how the LGBTQ community is represented in this area and around the globe, and I care about the future of Hampton Roads Pride. I want to help empower all LGBTQ and allied people. I want to help mend the fences that have been broken in our community, to restore trust and integrity where it’s needed. I want to make sure that we continue the good things that have already happened and I want to help the public at large understand that our LGBTQ children, parents, and our community deserve to be treated with respect and sincerity when decisions are made that affect their well being.

The future of my family and every other family is invested in what happens as Hampton Roads Pride moves forward. When it comes to basic civil rights, I believe that we still have a long way to go. I look forward to helping the organization fulfill its mission and lead the LGBTQ community in being united for justice. I care deeply about equal rights, and get incredibly annoyed when people limit the rights and opportunities of others based on their own personal issues and other nonsense.

I am committed to the causes of equal opportunity for all people and the pursuit of a government responsive to those of greatest need.