Hampton Roads Pride 2018 Board Nominee Profile: Victoria Milosevich

Victoria Milosevich

Name: Victoria Milosevich

Home: Norfolk


  • Faculty Advisor for Cox High School and Salem High School Gay Straight Alliance
  • Winner of 2016 Virginia Beach Human Rights Award
  • Presenter at Hampton Roads Diversity and Inclusion Consortium
  • Beach Girls Rock committee member
  • Student mentor
  • Roller Derby blocker/jammer and board of directors
  • Story Slam Winner for 2015 ForKids Charity Event
  • Story Slam story teller 2016 ForKids Charity Event
  • Volunteer at ForKids yearly art auction
  • Committee member and team leader for educational organizations
  • Member of Council of Exceptional Children

Why I want to serve on Hampton Roads Pride Board:

My parents taught me to be the change you wish to see in the world.

I believe in making a difference in my community by being a kind person in my little world as an educator and professional musician/singer. I also believe in standing up for others and human rights.

Last year as the faculty advisor of the GSA at Cox High School during the controversy about the GSA Assembly, I found an even deeper sense of community and the importance of raising one’s voice. I’m proud to have endured that difficult time along with my students and the other students I fight for every day.

Inclusion is a word I have used throughout my life as an educator of students with disabilities. It is important to me to have an inclusive and diverse community, and I commit to that as a Hampton Roads Pride board member.

I’m kind, intelligent, compassionate, patient and have a deep understanding of what it takes to make a team successful. These are the qualities I would personally value in someone in a position of leadership

I believe that my experience as an educator, musician, athlete, volunteer (not only for Pride but other non profit organizations), and my commitment to making this world a diverse and inclusive place qualifies me as type of person that I would vote for to be on this board.