Being Gay Impacts End-of-Life Care


A study from London’s Care Quality Commission found that being gay is a factor in receiving poor end-of-life care, the Sun reports.

Four in 10 hospitals — about 42 percent — were found lacking, the article notes.

 “Poor end of life care denies people a dignified, peaceful death and causes suffering to them and their loved ones,” Jane Morgue of Healthwatch England was quoted as having said.

Inspectors examined 40 clinical commissioning groups around the country, who are responsible for buying services from hospitals, hospices and other care providers.

They found only 27 had assessed the end of life needs of people living in their area, and only seven had specially commissioned a service as a result.

The regulator says this is not right because “treating everyone with the same approach does not necessarily mean they will receive good care or have equal access to services,” the Sun reports.

Being over age 85, LGBT, black or from another ethnic minority increases the likelihood of receiving faulty care, the Sun reports.