Harvey Milk’s Last Words of Hope Hold True Today


38 years ago today, LGBTQ activist Harvey Milk was assassinated.

Milk made history when he was elected to serve as San Francisco City Supervisor in 1977, making him one of the first openly gay men elected to public office. Less than a year into his term, he was assassinated, along with Mayor George Moscone, exactly 38 years ago on November 27, 1978.

Harvey Milk dedicated his life to advocate for a better and more equitable society, not just for LGBTQ people, but for all who had been marginalized – whether it was because of their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, age or socioeconomic status. Milk envisioned an America where everyone received the same dignity, respect, rights, and protections.

Just nine days before he was killed, Milk recorded this message of hope for all who fight for equality.