‘Gaycation’ Breaks Our Hearts All Over Again with Orlando Shooting Special


Viceland’s “Gaycation” returns September 7 for its second season, but the Ellen Page-Ian Daniel travelogue aired a special episode on August 24 about Orlando, site of June’s horrifying mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse.

“Gaycation” follows Page and Daniel as they visit lands near and far and immerse themselves in the local LGBTQ culture.

For the Orlando special, the two met with a survivor who managed to escape Pulse, relatives of the victims, and a man who in one day buried two friends who died in the shooting and attended the wedding of another friend.

The show was recently nominated for an Emmy for unstructured reality series. Speaking at SXSW this spring, Page made some perhaps eerily prescient remarks: “I’m a privileged person; I live in Los Angeles; I’ve done a job that has given me money; and I can walk down the street and kiss my girlfriend,” she said. “I think a lot about those that are more vulnerable than me around the world and in the United States… here’s an opportunity to go make something that allows voices to be heard that you don’t ever get to hear.”

“Gaycation” Season 2 premieres September 7 at 10:30 p.m. on Viceland. You can also view it on YouTube.