Friday, June 2, 2023

Hampton Road Pride Selects New Board Members And Executive Committee

At its monthly membership meeting on October 4, Hampton Roads Pride elected and seated the 2021-2022 board of directors and executive committee.

The executive committee consists of:
Rudy Almanzor, President
Patty Pruitt, Vice-President
Kelly O’Clair, Secretary
Tony Crudup, Treasurer

Dr. Charles Ford and Kevin Holt were re-elected to their board seats. New board members are Kate Celius, Tony Crudup, Nicholas Dintelmann, and Joshua Kelley.

Three other board members who are serving two or three-year terms will retain their seats.

Individual board members are elected for a three-year term. General elections are held each September and stagger a rotation of the Board’s 12 seats so as to have four seats come up for election each year. Maintenance of this staggered-term structure serves to promote organizational continuity and minimize disruption of organizational leadership.

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