Hundreds Sign New Life MCC “Outhouse” at Hampton Roads Pridefest in Opposition to NC HB2

PrideFest attendees sight the New Life MCC "outhouse" in protest of NC HB2.

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On Saturday, June 18, members of New Life Metropolitan Community Church erected an outhouse at Hampton Roads PrideFest. PrideFest attendees and members of the public to were invited to enter the outhouse and add their signature in opposition to NC House Bill 2

According to Pastor Mark Byrd, “The response was overwhelming and speaks for itself.”

02 REPEAL HB2Last week, nNew Life MCC sent photos of the outhouse by an open letter to NC Governor McCrory and Members of the NC General Assembly. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Governor McCrory & Members of the North Carolina General Assembly:
On behalf of the entire Congregation of New Life Metropolitan Community Church of Hampton Roads, Virginia and countless others who joined us this past Saturday for PrideFest in Norfolk, Virginia, we call upon your sense of decency, Christian morality, civility, and humanity to do the right thing and repeal House Bill 2 without further delay.
In Metropolitan Community Churches we take very seriously our responsibility to speak up for those whose voices are not being heard, those being oppressed by deliberate injustice and who are now the “target” for “legalized” discrimination. Your actions in passing HB2 and refusing to repeal it greatly contribute to a climate of hate which fuels both hate-filled rhetoric and, sad to say, action against the transgender community, the LGBTQSI community overall, and ultimately for everyone.
As a native Tar Heel myself, I never imagined a day when the elected leaders of my own native state would/could be so oppressive or when the cries of good decent law abiding citizens would be ignored – even ridiculed, by those elected to serve ALL North Carolinians with equality and justice. Personally, I appalled and embarrassed. As a pastor of a predominantly LGBTQSI congregation, where on any given Sunday ten to twelve percent of our worship attenders identify as transgender, we are ALL greatly offended by your inferences that the general public should be protected from transgender individuals.
We stand in total solidarity with the transgender community and add our voices to the masses who continue to wait for North Carolina “to BE rather to seem” the beacon of hope, freedom, and justice ALL of us deserve and expect. For your consideration, I have attached photos taken this past Saturday June 18, 2016 at PrideFest here in Norfolk, Virginia.
As you will see, literally hundreds of folks (individuals and families) took a moment to add their personal signatures and messages calling for the repeal of HB2 and showing solidarity for ALL those in NC so adversely and unnecessarily impacted by what can now be called “HATE BILL 2.” Governor McCrory and members of the General Assembly, here in Virginia just across your northern border, we are hearing the voice of the God who created us ALL, to say,  LET MY PEOPLE “GO” wherever they want to go.
We pray you will hear this voice as well. .. and that your hearts will be hardened no longer. LET OUR PEOPLE “GO!”
Reverend Mark R. Byrd
Senior Pastor
New Life Metropolitan Community Church of Hampton Roads, Virginia