NC Gov. McCrory Attempts to Put Toothpaste Back in the Tube


Earlier today, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said in a videotaped address that his Executive Ordrer 93 issued Tuesday “maintains common sense gender-specific restroom and locker room facilities in government buildings and schools” while also affirming the private sector’s right to establish its own policies.

McGrory went on to claim that his order expands North Carolina’s equal employment opportunity policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity.  He also claimed that the city of Charlotte’s measure that sought to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination “a solution in search of a problem” and a case of government overreach.

It is obvious that the negative attention, boycotts and protests have tarnished the reputation of North Carolina enough that the Governor felt he had to begin damage control.  This entire mess could have been avoided in its entirety.

For coverage of this issue and other discriminatory legislation working through legislatures throughout the United States, visit National Public Radio.