How Republicans Could Repeal Marriage Equality in 3 Easy Steps


The National Organization for Marriage says that now Donald Trump is president, they have a plan to undo marriage equality. But can they do that? Is marriage equality really at risk? Well, yes it is–and in fact, they could repeal marriage in just three steps.

LGBTQ activist Matt Baume says, “Nothing’s been announced, but they’ll have to raise millions of dollars if they want to petition the US Supreme Court, so a coalition of well-funded nonprofits like the ACLU might have to take the lead on getting the decision reviewed.”

Baume is writer, storyteller, and video maker based in Seattle whose work focuses on LGBTQ issues. His work has appeared in Vice Magazine, The Advocate, The Stranger, and NPR’s Marketplace.

He’s appeared on such shows as The Savage Lovecast and Out Chicago and delivered presentations at South by Southwest, Emerald City Comicon, PAX West, GaymerX, HavenCon, and The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association.

You can follow his Youtube channel here.