Friday, June 2, 2023

Stonewall Sports Norfolk Supports The BLM Movement And Calls For Removal Of Confederate Monuments

Stonewall Sports Norfolk yesterday released this statement in support of BLM and removal of Confederate monuments in Norfolk:

Words matter. Action matters. Voting matters. 

“Black lives matter.

“Our community, and the world, are faced with many issues today as the march continues toward a better, and safer, place for our families. We appreciate your patience with us as we do our best to share our sentiments and show our support carefully, respectfully, and directly. 

“Stonewall Sports Norfolk, upon its foundation, was created to celebrate many things about our community, such as our diversity, our pride, and our love for one another. 

“2020 has brought many challenges that have shaken us to the core, but we are resilient. 

“As our country mourns the robbery of the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and countless others, and as it cries over the assault of Chris Cooper and so many others whose stories have yet to be heard, we want to say that we firmly stand for the justice of the black lives that have been so wrongfully taken or abused. We do not, under any circumstances, aim to be a safe space for anyone who is racist or supports racially motivated hatred or cruelty of any kind. Not ever. 

“As an organization, we will always work to create safe spaces for our members and players – and we believe that our members and players have enough pride and dignity in themselves not to be affiliated with racism, or any other method of hatred, cruelty, or ugliness. 

“It is our responsibility as a community to stand with one another – united in our love for our fellow person – against racial injustice and injustice of any kind. 

“Our players must know that we, Stonewall Sports Norfolk, will always be in support of what makes our community so beautiful – and that begins with our fellow black members and members of color. You are the fabric of our ensemble, and the needle that guides our thread. 

“We know you. We see you. We support you, and we love you. 

“Black lives matter.

“We encourage our members and players alike to now, more than ever, stand with love and pride for each other and take a stand against racial injustice for the betterment of our beautiful Hampton Roads community. Please join us in signing the petition by the Citizens of Norfolk for the Norfolk-Virginia Confederate Monument Removal and Recommendation. For more information, please use the link and jump to the petition page. 

“We are strong when we are one, and we are one because we are many. 

“While we are not encouraging anyone to engage in ways that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we do ask that everyone recognize the severity and significance of this movement – and unite, as one, in a collective effort to silence the voices of racism and drown out the sounds of blatant hatred to the best of our ability. Together, we can create necessary, and lifesaving, change for us all – but especially for our black and brown Stonewall family members. 

“With love, and pride, from all of us at Stonewall Sports Norfolk: we stand with you, through and through. 

-Stonewall Norfolk Leadership-

Click here for a community letter from our National Board regarding Black Lives Matter and how you can get involved. 


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