[VIDEO] Andria McClellan Announces Run for Lt. Governor of Virginia

Norfolk City councilmember running on platform of access to opportunity for all virginians.


Norfolk City Councilmember Andria McClellan announced today that she is officially entering the Democratic race to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

An experienced public official, businesswoman, community leader and University of Virginia graduate, McClellan believes that every Virginian deserves equal opportunity for a safe, equitable, and prosperous future.

“The last four years have seeded a divide in our country and in our Commonwealth. Every day more families in Virginia are hurting from the physical, emotional and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nationally, we are on a new path to bring our country together and rebuild our economy in a way that works for everyone, not just a select few. That same hope for opportunity for all must be a top priority in Virginia,” said McClellan. “We need a Virginia that provides access to opportunity for everyone — no matter the color of your skin, your zip code, who you love or how you identify. This is why I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.”

McClellan is basing her campaign on five key issues:

  • access to affordable health care,
  • access to a good paying job,
  • access to quality education,
  • access to high-speed internet; and,
  • access to a clean & sustainable environment.

“The fundamentals of opportunity and success are in some ways very different from my mom’s generation, but also strikingly similar,” concluded McClellan. “And just as my mom worked to give me more opportunities than she had and I have done the same for my boys, I want to work to give all Virginians a bright future.”

McClellan has served as a member of Norfolk City Council representing Superward 6 since 2016. Throughout her tenure on the council, she has served her 125,000 constituents by focusing on a pro-growth, innovation platform that includes:

  • Leading the regional effort to invest in high-speed internet infrastructure, with the goal of expanding internet access, lowering costs and increasing speeds for residents and business;
  • Fighting to build a flood-resilient Norfolk and secure more than $120M in federal resources to address the effects of climate change nowand to make investments in sustainable energy — including supporting off-shore wind and more than 5K clean energy jobs — to combat climate change long-term.
  • Championing increased access to capital for small business, including investments of more than $64M in startup companies through one of the fastest growing angel investment groups in the country.
  • Securing funding for public transit that will allow for more reliable and more frequent bus service.
  • Ensuring greater transparency and public engagement along the way, creating Engage Norfolk, a unique civic one-stop-shop that lets residents turn their passion into action and meet their elected officials, making our democracy more accessible for everyone.

McClellan has been expected to declare her candidacy after her announcement in July that she was “exploring the possibility.” She joins the list of seven total candidates running ot the seat, and she is the only Democrat’s and Hampton Roads resident among them.

For more information on Andria for Virginia, please visit: www.andriaforvirginia.com