Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2021 Hampton Roads Pride Board of Directors Nominees Presented to Membership

Hampton Roads Pride presented a slate of nominees for the 2021 Board of Directors to the membership at its monthly meeting this week. The six nominees are Rudy Almanzor, Jamar Davis, Fawn Faulks, Kelly O’Clair, Patty Pruitt, and David Seeley.

Of these nominees, Rudy Almanzor, Kelly O’Clair, and David Seeley are incumbent board members. Fawn Faulks is a former president of Hampton Roads Pride.

Patty Pruitt is co-owner of The Wave Nightclub in Norfolk. Jamar Davis is a volunteer on the Hampton Roads Pride communications committee.

Current president Cole Werkheiser and board member Dr. Ginger Jenkot are rotating off the board.

The nominees were selected from a pool of ten applications by a six-member committee chaired by Dr. Ginger Jenkot.

“After individually reviewing applications, the committee met on Zoom to discuss each applicant and how they could help balance out the Board,” said Jenkot.  “We then conducted phone interviews with each one and met again on Zoom to share those interviews.”

According to Jenkot, the nominating committee reviews each applicants’ ability to contribute to the organization. Board members are required to attend two meetings per month plus additional monthly committee meetings and offer their assistance at all events.

Board members are also tasked with networking and fundraising.

Each Director is also committed to making a personal donation of at least $500 and are expected to find new corporate sponsors each year with the focus on donations of at least $1,500 to over $10,000.

Said Jenkot, “Hampton Roads pride is governed by a working board of directors.  So we are looking for individuals who have connections with corporations, are skilled in finance and fundraising, can enliven our social media to encourage involvement, and help us maintain a diverse a diverse Board.”

The Hampton Roads Pride membership will vote on the slate of nominees on September 14. Immediately following the election, the new Board will nominate and elect Pride’s 2021 officers.

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