Saturday, April 1, 2023

“Becoming Miley” an Inspirational Transgender Coming of Age Memoir

Mileycarterr book coverIn her very first self-published book, Miley Carterr establishes and breaks down the true meaning of being a young, black and trans-gendered female.  In book one of a three-part series, Miley tells the story of her beginning stages of her life. Considered by many as an inspiration to not only the LGBT community but the cisgender community as well, she inspires people through her incredible and heart breaking experiences. Becoming Miley Carterr has become an empowering mission of showing people how to find their true identities and to live in their truth.
According to Ms. Carterr, she grew up upon learning the different values and morals of life that were against who she was inside. Living her life in her previous stages as a little boy she had to learn self love and how to battle her reoccurring issues with self hatred and gender disphoria. She is known for being one of the most genuine, passionate, but humble people you could meet. After coming out a second time she became one of the most influential people throughout Virginia. Living in her truth has helped touch so many hearts and she plans to continue to do just that. Miley is currently working on several big projects: Project Orange, Becoming Miley Carterr Book, A Documentary, and her work was featured in a published book called Komp!: Relation-Tech (Volume 2).

To order Ms. Carterr’s book please click here.

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