Thursday, March 30, 2023

[Commentary] Community Check In – Are We OK?

Hey there everybody! How are you doing? How’s tricks?

We are all floating around the same crazy, unsettled ocean right now, trying to navigate a pandemic, trying to stay afloat with whatever we have at our disposal, unsure where we will eventually land. Spooky times as COVID 19 does not discriminate.

While everyone is rightly worried about your physical health and those of loved ones, especially those that are immunosuppressed, it is also important to take care of our mental well-being. And for some of us, this is a really rough time as our daily lives have been completely turned upside down. Many are not used to working from home, having children home, social interactions are being redesigned, those whose job are considered essential have another set of stressors to deal with on a daily basis and nightlife and arts organizations are temporarily shuttered.

By the way, we salute everyone on the front lines of this pandemic – health care providers doing their best with inadequate supplies, retail staff and transportation workers keeping stores stocked and supplies flowing, non-profit workers, food service workers, delivery drivers still working and first responders and the military. These people are the final barrier to societal breakdown and they deserve all of the support we can muster.

Spring is always the time of year that area non-profit groups produce annual fundraising events that have been canceled or postponed such as the LGBT Life Center’s Dining Out For Life event scheduled for April 30. It remains to be seen whether or not Stonewall Sports Kickball will get to play ball next month and whether or not large festivals such as Hampton Roads Pridefest and the events leading up to the party in Town Point Park will go on as scheduled.

If you need medical or social support, the LGBT Life Center is still offering services on an appointment-only basis. (See video message from CEO Stacie Walls below.) Additionally, many of Life Center’s services have moved online to virtual services, including telehealth for medical appointments and mental health appointments, as well as many social and discussion groups. To see if your event or group is having an online/virtual meeting, you may visit the LGBT Life Center’s online calendar HERE or call (757) 640-0929 to schedule an appointment.

Right now, the uncertainty of all aspects of life are taking a toll, but the LGBTQ community has a unique ability to rise above during a crisis and find creative ways to support one another and socialize. What are you doing to keep yourself sane during this crazy time in our lives? Bingeing Netflix, turning off the TV, carb loading, self-medicating?

We want to know if you know of or are producing any fun virtual hangouts or performing arts sessions online or have any creative tips to share with the community!

OutWire757 is happy to share your virtual event, hangout on social media PM us on Facebook or send a note to

If you need to reach out for assistance, refer to our community resource guide HERE.

We fervently wish that everyone do their best to stay healthy in body and mind, check in on those that mean most to you and be kind to one another until the worst of this pandemic is over. We look forward to seeing everyone OUT in public in the future as we anticipate an EPIC party will take place.

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