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[Commentary] Holiday Season a Burden and a Joy Wrapped into One Gift

I’m sure you know it’s Christmas that ‘Gets Me Going’ this time around.  As with Thanksgiving, I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year.  On one hand, I love the dazzling decor and the overwhelming generosity that encompasses the tradition.  I also love to see the faces of my family and friends when they open the thoughtful gifts I present them with.  Gifts that are carefully wrapped with expert precision stemming from decades of experience.  

I’d best describe the feeling as a warm gratification, that provides a sense of pride and a joyous cheer, that I rarely feel throughout the year.  The music, the gatherings, the spiced drinks and delicious baked goods are also a huge positive.  

On the other hand, the major variable that is not so pleasant is the expense of it all.  I dread the amount of money I spend each year.  Promises made in August of me beginning my shopping are never fulfilled, sales ignored thinking I will find better and my efforts misplaced and all stuffed into the very last minute.  

The thoughts of obligation and needing to be involved in these exchanges often makes me want to rebel and throw my hands up and say, “forget it this year!  In reality, I don’t have to get these perfectly-wrapped-just-what-everyone-wants gifts.”  Then I ask myself, “How would I feel when receiving gifts from everyone, and I have nothing in return?”  Simple questions with simple answers, most would say.  The only thing is, once you’ve set a precedent, it’s hard to divert.  It’s a burden and a joy all wrapped into one.  

Shopping is a major part of the holidays.  It is also a time where most businesses curve from the red and enter the black financially.  When you think about it…the holidays serve as a small economic boost.  With extended hours as well as increased purchases, many companies rely heavily on these sales to keep them afloat.  

From my minor research, it seems that American traditions lean heavily towards consumerism and are a bit lacking in actual traditions (I too am guilty of this).  What concerns me more each year is the increase in consumerism and the decrease in humanitarianism.  Although I love the glamour of Christmas, I believe that the small gestures are equally important.  There are thousands of families that constantly need assistance and should be a focus all year around.  Unfortunately, this need goes unnoticed until a parent wants to teach their child to be more fortunate, or people want to clear their conscious.  

As the years pass and society becomes further captivated with material wealth, the more the unfortunate remain just that…unfortunate.  There are statistics that prove this, and it is up to all of us to make a cognizant effort to eradicate this approaching negative.  When we shop, being sensible and thoughtful should surpass gaudy and thoughtless.  This year, take some time to begin, revamp or increase tradition outside of Amazon and outlet shopping.  In addition, be sure to keep in mind those who are not as well off.  I absolutely encourage you to support small businesses when shopping.  Small businesses can similarly assist in stimulating the economy and help fund a dream.

Below are some local areas that you can donate to this holiday season.  Be sure to spread the word and get us back into the spirit of giving for the right reasons.  Happy Holiday loves and enjoy!

This has been another rendition of what ‘Gets Me Going’.  

Thanks for tuning in.  Happy Holidays! 

Trina Davenport, a Baltimore native, has been writing for over a decade and has an array of multiple talents.  She holds a wealth of knowledge regarding media and loves to express herself through writing as well as a podcast she and her brother host.  Trina’s background includes an IT degree as well as holding a four-year position as Vice President for a Baltimore Non-Profit.  She also has a business called Vino Visuals that creates fine art using wine corks.  She is thrilled to be a part of the OutWire family.

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