Thursday, March 30, 2023

Diversity of LGBTQ Families Focus of OutLife757 Winter Edition

We have begun work on the next print edition of OutLife757 and the theme for the Winter 2019 issue will feature the diversity of LGBTQ families thriving and growing in Hampton Roads.

For a long time, our community has ‘chosen’ who they call family, as a result of birth family rejection or other circumstances.  Our community has a lot of love, experience and maternal/paternal feelings to share and we have created families of every permutation imaginable and we want to feature you in our next magazine.

Specifically, we are looking for the following types of families willing to speak about (and maybe photographed) their family;

  • Families of color;
  • Blended families akin to ‘The Brady Bunch’;
  • Foster parenting and families created via adoption;
  • Parents via surrogacy/in vitro fertilization;
  • Parents who came out later in life after a traditional marriage;
  • Polyamorous/Troika or Throuple families;
  • Drag or Ball families;
  • Single parenting;
  • Transgender/non-binary parents or parents of transgender/non-binary child(ren);
  • Empty nesters/retired couples;

Drop us a note at if you are interested in sharing your family’s story with the community or if your type of family is not listed, please let us know!

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