Monday, March 20, 2023

Equality Virginia’s ‘Day of Action’ Highlights Pivotal Week in Richmond

A flurry of rainbow flags, posters and smiling faces from throughout Virginia greeted members of the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate as they made their way into the Capitol building in Richmond on January 29.

Equality Virginia’s ‘Day of Action’ annual lobbying day took on special importance this year as the group has focused on passage of two laws ending discrimination in housing and public employment. These laws were blocked from passage during the 2018 legislative session. The ‘Day of Action’ is part of a weeklong series of events in Richmond to ensure passage of the two aforementioned bills. (See slideshow below.)

[rev_slider EVDayofaction2019]

In addition to the boisterous greeting of legislators, Equality Virginia arranged for meetings with targeted legislators, convened an afternoon of seminars and concluded with a reception attended by Governor Ralph Northam, members of his administration and legislators.

Equality Virginia is encouraging citizens to help them ‘crowd the Capitol’ this week in Richmond or if you are unable to travel to Richmond, EV is asking allies to contact their legislators via phone/email and have set up a site to make the process easy. Click HERE to contact your legislators and voice your support.

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