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Five Ways To Trick Yourself Into Excercising

Get a Dog. Get a big dog that likes to run! You’ll be fit in no time. Seriously, if you’re a dog person and you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time. Shelters have lots of pups and mature dogs to select from. ( or   However, DO NOT just get a dog because I said so. That’s on you. If you are not sure, or don’t have the time, or would rather get a cat – then please, do not get a dog. But if you have been thinking about it, do it. Dogs are awesome; you won’t regret it. And sign up for a behavior class, for you and your new exercising buddy.

Sell your car and buy a bike. Get a good bike. Your legs will be sore the first few days, but you’ll get over it. And without a motorized vehicle, you’ll have to ride your bike everywhere. Every local city has ideal neighborhoods where you can work, live and play nearby where you live, too. So do you really need that car and all the associated costs? Dump the horsepower for your own leg power! or

Let’s make a deal. Bargain with yourself for rewarding yourself when you reach goals. Little daily goals AND big life-changing goals. If you make a deal in the morning to walk or jog for 90 minutes after work and you can reward yourself once you complete this task for the day. In the big picture, you can plan a fun vacation and make yourself a deal that you can’t go until you have exercised 5 or 6 days each week for 3 months. Then, you get a great vacation AND you will have established a good pattern of exercise, so it will be easier to continue for a longer, healthier life.

Become a team player. Softball isn’t that difficult, you used to do it in school. Joining a team is a great way to set up a pattern of exercise without your mind figuring it out. You’ll make new friends and drop the pounds, as long as you don’t go out drinking with the team after every practice! There are hundreds of local leagues starting up throughout the spring: softball, kickball, soccer, roller derby, football or something else – whatever your interest, there’s a team waiting for you. Check your local community’s Parks and Recreation department for their adult activities and team sports.

Be seasonal and trendy. Paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing have all seen an increase in interest in recent years. Get with the trend and get out on the water for your exercise. Spring and summer are the best for enjoying the water. It’s also a great way to relax and unwind. Local Parks and Recreation or Virginia State Parks listings are just two great resources for classes, clubs and rentals. or

*Links provided are examples of what you may find in your local area; they are not the only or necessarily the best for you. You can do additional research and decide for yourself.


Jan Cline
Jan Cline, Personal Trainer

Jan Cline is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer based in Norfolk. Visit him online at 

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