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Get Out The Votes on June 13!

We’ve been talking about his moment since November of last year–lots of talk about how we’re going to take back our government from the Trumpettes and their ilk.

Now the time has come, and it starts with the Virginia primary election next Tuesday, June 13.

This is the first election leading up to the main event in 2018, when every single seat in the Virginia House is up for grabs, as is the Governor’s and Lieutenant Governor’s seats.

Next Tuesday, voters will decide some of the Democratic candidates who will go up against their GOP opponents in 2018. The bad news is that primaries held in off-election years are poorly attended. In fact, the last time this odd-year primary was held in Virginia, only 315,000 voters turned out.

This is why it’s important that EVERY ELIGIBLE VOTER get to the polls on Tuesday. And to help you do that and make the best decision for yourself and your country. here’s your Guide to Virginia Primary Season 2017.

First things first: it’s too late to register to vote in this primary election. But it’s not too late to register for the 2018 election. Get on that now!
Step 2: Find your polling place here.
Step 3: Find out what’s on your local ballot.
Step 4: Here are your state and 757 Democratic primary candidates. Follow the links to find out more about them.

Ralph Northam (we endorse)
Tom Periello

Commissioner of Revenue, Newport News
Tiffany M. Boyle
Dava D. Kauffman
Read an article in the Daily Press about this heated election.

Commonwealth’s Attorney, Norfolk City
S.W. Dawson (we endorse)
Greg D. Underwood
Ron Batliner, Jr.

Step 5: GO VOTE ON JUNE 13!
Step 6: Plan ahead for the 2018 election.

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