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Hampton Roads LGBTQ Musician Breaks Out With New EP

Hampton Roads native and LGBTQ artist Koren Grace emanates control and acceptance in her newest EP, “All My Friends,” available for pre-order on October 23rd and streaming on November 6th, 2020. The release follows recent single, “My World,” a whirlwind of sonically and visually bold flavors enticing the listener to take a glimpse into Koren Grace’s universe.

Setting the stage is commanding opener, “All My Friends,” a steady simmer of ruminations about past relationships and current acceptance of who she is and where she stands.

“This whole EP is a healing process for me. I was watching videos of me and old friends—you know how Snapchat memories from a year ago come up, and you’re like, ‘for real…?’ It just rang in my head that every friend I had made over the past two years was not in my life anymore. It weighed heavier on me because those are the sort of things where you start questioning yourself,” says Koren Grace.

Following tracks, “No Hard Feelings” and “Lovesick” hold that same moment of realization but with sonically different approaches with hard-hitting “No Hard Feelings” riding an alluring beat (reminiscent of artists like Lolo Zouaï) and “Lovesick” navigating the complexities of love through a bedroom-pop tinged sound. “It [the EP] was an understanding that we are not here to possess people. And they are going to come and go as they see fit. I had to learn so many lessons of moving forward in a different way than I have ever known, and this EP gives you a glimpse into that world.”

Virginia is home to innovators, creators, and lovers. So it’s no surprise that diverse seeds planted by cultivators, ranging from hip-hop reformists (Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland) to jazz legends (Ella Fitzgerald), would continue to produce organic talent by the masses.

Norfolk, Virginia artist, Koren Grace, is no exception. Hailing from the 757, the singer/songwriter has been writing and performing music since 2008 with 3 EPs and a single, features, and performances at local festivals such as Shaggfest, Soulflower, and the Chipokke festival. Her most recent work, “The I.D. & The Ego,” was nominated for four awards at the 8th Annual Veer Magazine Music Awards with production by Unruly Muser and mixing and mastering by Veer Mag winner Jacki Paolella of Tap Tap Recordings.

Recently, the Virginia artist has been featured in publications like Ones To Watchwhenimakeittola. Magazine, and Mud Magazine, NPR’sWHRO podcast, Lyrical with Jonah Grinkewitz, and playlists like Spotify’s “Fresh Finds,” “Viral Canada 50,” “Viral Ireland 50,” “Viral New Zealand 50,” and “#NowWatching” by Ones To Watch.

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