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Hampton Roads Pride Selects 13 Nominees For 2018 Board of Directors Election on November 6

Hampton Roads Pride selected 13 nominees for the 2018 Board of Director at the general membership meeting this past Monday. Members will cast the deciding votes to fill seven current and upcoming Board vacancies next month.

Hampton Roads Pride received 28 applications for Board positions. After a month-long review process, the Nominating Committee presented their slate of nominees as follows:

  • Joe Moeglin
  • David Coffman
  • Charles Ford
  • Joshua Weinstein
  • Ryan DeCorpo
  • Juan Alonso
  • Toni Stokes

Following the presentation by the Nominating Committee, President Michael Berlucchi took nominations from the floor. Those nominees are:

  • Beth Brooker
  • Connor Norton
  • Taryn McLean
  • Victoria Milosevich
  • Amy St. George
  • Ken Elks

The six board vacancies are for two-year positions, and one seat is for a single year.

Elections will be held at next membership meeting on Monday, November 6 at 6:30 PM at WHRO offices in Norfolk.

Members must be paid in good standing in order to cast a vote. Absent members may vote by written proxy. All proxy votes must be received and verified by the Secretary twenty-four hours before the commencement of the November 6 meeting.

If you are not already a member of Hampton Roads Pride, you may register and pay your dues online here.  Individual memberships are $10 per year. has offered each nominee a candidate profile blog post on our web site. Subscribe to our email newsletter or follow us on Facebook for updates.

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