Saturday, April 1, 2023

HRC Invests Across Virginia With 2020 Organizers

Election Day is 50 days away and the Human Rights Campaign has announced three new organizers who will mobilize communities across Virginia to educate, empower and turn out voters. Sidrah Marotti, Taelor Logan, and Grayson Lewis have been tagged to build on the momentum of the 2018 midterm elections and 2019 victories to support pro-equality candidates representing Virginia in 2021.

In a press release, Narissa Rahaman, HRC Associate Regional Campaign Director, said, “The 2020 election will provide voters a stark choice: elect a pro-equality presidential candidate, or endure four more years of a Trump-Pence administration that relentlessly attacks women, people of color, religious minorities and LGBTQ people.

“With in-person absentee voting beginning on September 19, Virginia’s 1.2 million Equality Voters (those who prioritize LGBTQ equality when voting), who represent 21% of all of Virginia’s registered voters, have the potential to put equality issues at the center of electoral decision-making this year.”

Primarily focused in Virginia Beach, Charlottesville and Henrico, the organizers will be essential in HRC’s effort to:

  • Turn out the Commonwealth’s Equality Voters
  • Educate and empower voters to take action at the ballot box
  • Educate local communities with trainings
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Help HRC advance equality for marginalized people

In Hampton Roads, Sidrah Marotti (she/her) is organizing and mobilizing Equality Voters in support of HRC-endorsed Congresswoman Elaine Luria (VA-2). Sidrah has been working on campaigns since she was 16, starting with Kay Hagan’s 2014 Senate race. In 2015-2016 she was a fellow on the Aim Higher Now NC campaign, encouraging year-round civic and political engagement. In 2016, she supported reproductive justice as a canvass team leader with Community Outreach Group.

She said, “This election does not only determine what the next few years look like. It determines what life is going to look like for the foreseeable future. It is up to us as citizens and organizers to rally folks for the largest voter turn out in history. Only then will be able to combat blatant voter suppression and secure the right to vote for years to come. I strongly believe that democracy does not end with voting yet voting is integral to democracy.”

The other two organizers are Taelor Logan (she/her), who is organizing and mobilizing Equality Voters in support of HRC-endorsed candidate Dr. Cameron Webb (VA-5), and  Grayson Lewis (he/him) working in in support of HRC-endorsed Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA-7).



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