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InQueeries with Vee Milosevich

When Vee Milosevich volunteered as the faculty advisor for Cox High School’s burgeoning Gay-Straight Alliance in 2016, she had no inkling that she would end up thrust into the national spotlight. When the Virginia Beach school board abruptly cancelled  the GSA’s planned student assembly last December, that’s exactly what happened. Months of controversy ensued until finally the Assembly was rescheduled—bigger and better then it would have been otherwise.

Vee found herself somewhat of a local hero and ally of the LGBTQ community. Since has become a voice for justice and was even recognized by the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission.

Through it all, she has stayed true to those things that matter most in her life: the arts, music, and her students. She and her husband, Joseph, can be found most any weekend playing local restaurants and pubs as the Red Stapler Duo. Th

is year, she begins her new position as an art teacher the Salem High School where she hopes to advise their GSA.

So without further ado, here’s some getting-to-know you time with Victoria Milosevich.

Where were you born and raised?
Born in Yonkers, NY moved to Rosebud, Arkansas at age 10.

How long have you lived in Hampton Roads?
13 years.

What do you for money/living?
Educator and musician/vocalist.

How long have you been out (if applicable), and who was the hardest person to tell?
I have become more comfortable as I gotten older to express to people that I have always believed that I fell in love with a person…that person is male but that person could have been female. It’s a connection of human to human.

When I was younger I didn’t know anyone who felt the way I did and had no one to relate to about it.

Who is your LGBTQ hero?
Every teenager who lives out in high school, inspires others to have a voice and stands up for other teenagers who are being mistreated due to their sexuality and identity

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.
Yes. Art expresses more varied emotion and layers of stories that words alone cannot.

What was the most memorable LGBTQ moment in your life?
Leading the Cox High School GSA through the cancellation and then rescheduling of the Love is Love assembly/event that made national news

On what do you insist upon daily?
Finding the good in everything.

What was your last social media post?
Something about my band or somewhere I am playing.

If you could give yourself at age 16 one piece of advice, what would it be?     Stand up for yourself. Question everything.

Do you have any suggestions for the local leaders of Hampton Roads’ LGBTQ organizations? 
Focus on the youth and all they can teach us.

What is the best part about the Hampton Roads LGBTQ community?
The individuals who reach out and help each other in times of need and in supporting local businesses.

Name one thing you would change about the Hampton Roads LGBTQ community? 
Divisiveness between some groups.

What LGBTQ stereotype annoys you most?
That bi is a phase.

What non-LGBTQ issue do you feel most passionate about?
Governmental change.

What natural gift would you most like to possess?
I wish I was an amazing and professional dancer.

What quality do you most admire in a person?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Kind and passionate people who want to make our community a better place.

What is your favorite curse word?

Why Hampton Roads?
So much water and so many outdoor/beach events, great breweries, amazing local restaurants plus I just love living in Norfolk!

If you are interested in meeting Vee in person, she will be performing aboard the American Rover on Sunday, September 3 from 2-4 p.m. on OutWire757’s second summer cruise for the LGBTQ community.  Ticket information can be found here.

Are you interested in sharing your story or perspectives with the Hampton Roads LGBTQ community?  We would love to hear from you and have you answer the InQueery questions!  To do so, visit our InQueeries page here.

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