Sunday, March 26, 2023

Why Does The Leader Of A Virginia Beach Hate Group Think Rocky Holcomb Shares His Values?

From the Virginia House Democratic caucus:

The “lead activism strategist” of an anti-Muslim hate group, as identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has proudly endorsed and volunteered for Delegate Rocky Holcomb.

Scott Ryan Presler of ACT for America organized a hate rally in June in the district that Holcomb represents. In December, Presler posted a photograph of himself with Holcomb to his Facebook page. Presler also posted a Facebook live video of himself canvassing for Holcomb in which he proclaimed his support and encouraged his viewers to work for candidates “who are going to be able to uphold our values in office.”

Delegate Holcomb has not yet condemned Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, including the president’s assertion that there were “very fine people” marching among the Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists.

“Charlottesville is a defining moment in our nation’s history,” said House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman Katie Baker. “Delegate Holcomb has failed to condemn the president’s defense of white supremacists, and a leader of a local hate group has declared his support for Holcomb’s campaign. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue: this is a human issue. We call upon Delegate Holcomb to loudly and publicly disavow Trump’s remarks, and we ask – why does a hate group leader think that Rocky Holcomb shares his values?”

The Virginian-Pilot previously reported that Presler was an employee of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Publisher’s note: Both Holcomb and Presler were highly visible at the 2017 Hampton Roads Pride in the Park event this past June. Holcomb was a featured speaker at the event. Presler represented the local Gays For Trump chapter as an exhibitor.

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