Thursday, March 30, 2023

Let’s Have Some Fun – Share Your Best ‘Stay at Home’ Selfies

As you know, Governor Northam issued a shelter at home order until June 10. Scary stuff. But, in times of crisis we need a bit of levity and have a bit of fun. Take a photo (Tik Tok, video, whatever) of yourself (and pets) to show how you are creatively sheltering in place, staying healthy, and contributing while not spreading or contracting COVID 19. If you are working in an essential job, share a pic of how you are helping all of us get through this trying time (and THANK YOU!)

Keep the images tasteful (a bit naughty is OK) and we will share each Thursday in a gallery on OutWire757!

If you like, you may include your social media handle and we will include with your content so you can connect virtually!

Stay safe, wash your hands and do not venture out unless it is necessary. Sending virtual hugs!

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