Thursday, March 23, 2023

Local Crafter Creates Rainbow Flower Boxes For The Community

“I want these everywhere, as ubiquitous as the mermaids are.”

That’s Rob Scheetz’ goal for Pride month 2020. He has created customized rainbow-themed flower boxes for area businesses and individuals, and so far, he is well on his way to achieving doing just that.

Scheetz, who lives in Carrolton, came up with the idea as a way to encourage gardening and celebrating Pride during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I still need to work on a few craftsman details, costs and donations, but  those I’ve already delivered have been a big hit,” he said.

The hand-built, rainbow-painted crates are customized with hashtags, slogans, and locations around Hampton Roads such as “Gathering”, #withloveandpride, and Virginia Beach.

“I opened those jars of paint, saw the pop of color, and fell in love with the idea,” he said.  “Once I finished my first box, which I proudly titled “Creating With Love and Pride Carrollton, VA,”  I knew that I was ready to share this with the community,” he said.

He participated in a recent group effort to clean up The Wave’s landscaping while they are closed. The centerpiece of their efforts is one of Rob’s flower boxes at the front entrance fittingly titled “Shining With Love and Pride Norfolk, VA.”

Since then he has installed boxes at the LGBT Life Center’s Granby House, Aremel Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach, and MJs Tavern.

Rob got into gardening in March as a way to grow his own produce and fight the boredom of being quarantined. As his garden thrived and Pride month approached, inspiration struck.

“The idea of crate flower boxes had been on my mind, but it then rapidly grew into painting them in Pride colors with a positive message on the side,” he said. “Everyone could post photos of their crate gardens as they progressed, and collectively we’ll get to see our gardens grow.”

The movement has gathered steam, and now Rob is looking for fundraising sources to help him spread the Gospel of Gardening, Pride style.

You can find Rob on Facebook or join his new Facebook group, “Let’s Get Botany Trending.” You can also email him for more information.

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