Mental Health Community Conversation Wednesday at LGBT Life Center


To commemorate October 2017 as “Mentally Healthy Norfolk Month”, the LGBT Life Center and Alt Daily are hosting a community conversation at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday, October 25 at the LGBT Life Center to discuss how social stigma, bullying, barriers to care, depression and anxiety affect the mental health of the LGBTQ community.  A panel of three guest speakers will discuss their work as mental health professionals and how LGBTQ persons, medical professionals and allies can be supportive.

This event is free, open to the public and will take place from 6:30-8 p.m. at the LGBT Life Center located at 247 W. 25th Street, Norfolk, VA  23517.


Frank Kirchner, M.D.

Dr. Kirchner is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and also a yoga teacher at the LGBT Life Center. He has practiced in the Tidewater area for many years-predominantly at Eastern Virginia Medical School in the department of psychiatry. While at EVMS, Dr. Kirchner was the faculty advisor to the first EVMS LGBT Persons in Medicine Club (now named Alliance. His interests in mental health are diverse and broad including LGBT issues, Jungian psychology and psychotherapy, public school consultation and most recently yoga (both for wellness and relief of physical and emotional pain/distress).

Angela P. Callahan, LPC, NCC

Ms. Callahan received her Master of Education in Marriage and Family Therapy from the College of William and Mary, and is the owner of Serenity Counseling in Portsmouth, VA. Angela prides herself on being a cisgendered ally for those who need it the most. She has attended multiple trainings and educational sessions on the various aspects of counseling youth, adults, and their families across the gender spectrum and lifespan, and brings with her the passion of not only helping to treat the myriad issues that present within individuals and families, but also advocating on their behalf through participation in social justice platforms and connection to community organizations to further enlist support. Angela also created a trans*-affirming support group called transCEND, to further the growth and nurturance of those in the trans* community.

Rev. Ronald White

Rev. White, is a multi-vocational Bishop, adjunct math professor, and a grant administrator. For the past eight years, he has pastored as an openly gay minister at what is now the Acceptance Worship Center of Hampton Roads, a church with a core mission to carry God’s love and fellowship to those who have been alienated, excommunicated, or marginalized. Rev. White has had seminary training and experience in Christian counseling, grief and trauma, and ministering to those who are terminally ill. Rev. White is married to First Gentleman William White who is a housing resource specialist for Hampton Roads.

Mentally Health Norfolk Month is a collaboration between leaders in Norfolk public health, non-profits, government, public education, higher ed, faith, and media that aims to inform and empower the community through a series of workshops, programming, and educational events designed to foster mentally healthy conversations.  in our community, and beyond. For more information on this cause, visit