Sunday, March 26, 2023

Are Perriello, Sanders And Warren Giving The GOP The Governor’s Mansion?

Nearly 60% of Tom Perriello’s campaign funds raised to date has come from sources outside of Virginia. So have his major endorsements, including from Senator Elizabeth Warren who frankly just lost my vote should she run for national office. Virtually all of Virginia’s major domestic Democrats have endorsed Lt. Governor Ralph Northam in the coming Democrat primary. Why? Several reasons, in my view.
First, because Northam is a steady candidate with years of experience unlike Perriello, a two year flash in the pan, despite Warren’s efforts to fluff his resume. Second, Northam has been in the trenches for years and has helped other Democrat candidates and worked with the party’s grassroots, if you will. The husband and I have been in those trenches, have been on host committees and given money over and over again. Perriello has been nowhere to be seen. Third, Northam is right on the issues – including LGBT rights which Perriello barely mentions – and brings the much needed perspective of a physician into play.
Perriello’s entrance into that contest is serving only three purposes:
  1. To divide the party in Democrat Virginia much as Bernie Sanders did in the 2016 presidential race.
  2. To divert funds that would be better spent on the general election against the eventual Republican opponent.
  3. To fan the vanities of Perriello and his out of state endorsers. If the Republicans should win the governor’s mansion in November, 2017, the consequences for many Virginians will be horrific.
LGBT rights, women’s rights and minority rights will have to firewall to stop the ugliest efforts of the currently Republican controlled house. Look no farther than North Carolina to see what GOP control of the governor’s mansion could mean. All so that Perriello, Sanders and Warren can satisfy their egos?
While Virginia has “gone blue” in the last three presidential race, many Virginia Democrats continue to be somewhat conservative by national standards. A so-called ulta-progressive candidate – which is what Perriello labels himself as despite no efforts to attract involved LGBT supporters – will likely not fare as well as one who is a bit more traditional.
Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by 228,404 votes in the 2016 Democrat primary. She went on to beat Donald Trump in Virginia by 212,030 votes in the general election. “Traditional” candidates who have evolved on key issues win in Virginia.  Bernie Sanders himself proved this.
I do not believe that Perriello can win against someone like the heavily funded Ed Gillespie and, if that happens, the outcome will harm Virginians and Virginia’s economy for years to come.
Please vote for Ralph Northam on June  13, 2017. Don’t be fooled by out of state endorsements driven by other agendas.
Michael Hamar

Attorney Michael Hamar is a long-time LGBTQ activist. He has been voted Best Attorney two years in a row on the Best of GAYHRVA Reader’s Poll. He and his husband, Barry Menser, live in Hampton Roads.

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