Saturday, April 1, 2023

Queen Mary’s ‘Surviving Fabulous Face Shields’ Add Color and Whimsy To a Serious Time

During this time of crisis, Queen Mary (Robert Malkowski), one of Hampton Roads’ drag superstars, may not be able to share her larger than life persona onstage, but their talents have been refocused on helping the surrounding the community by creating ‘Surviving Fabulous Face Shield by Queen Mary’, a campaign that has thus far distributed over 265 colorful face masks across the country.

In an email, Malkowski stated that, “Being a compassionate Queen, I’ve taken on a task to help as many people as possible during this horrible situation plaguing our world.  Now, I’m not belittling the need for shielding oneself from hidden airborne particles, be they COVID-19 or even petulant pollen.  What I do feel is that the fear circulating throughout our society might be a little easier to deal with if what we are looking at isn’t so darn frightening.”  

A sampling of Queen Mary Face Shields. (Photo courtesy of Robert Malkowski)

Malkowski is using his innate creativity, sewing skills and random fabrics, sequins, ribbons and other notions created from Queen Mary’s costume collection to bedazzle face masks to protect those around you with a fun and distinctive look. 

“Each shield is meant as an added barrier to help protect you without scaring others around you.  My thought is, if you’re wearing something pretty, the stress of this situation may be lessened for you and those around you.  “Look stunning and not sick!” is my motto of late,” Malkowski stated in an email.

Malkowski is giving away one free mask per household (as long as his supply lasts) and his sewing machine keeps running.  Masks are offered on a first-come, first-served basis basis.  If you want more than one, each additional mask is $10 (shipping included).  He cannot guarantee the color you will receive and the masks do not guarantee to keep viruses or allergens at bay.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these unique masks, please contact Robert Malkowski at and include your address and number of masks.  You may also follow Queen Mary on Facebook or Instagram @bobbyinnc. 

Are you or do you know someone that is doing something special for the community during the COVID-19 crisis? Let us know at, we would love to feature their good work. Stay safe and wash your hands!

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