Monday, March 20, 2023

Savvy Marketing ‘Gets Me Going’

You know what really ‘Gets Me Going?’  How I am consistently persuaded by great marketing.  It’s everywhere and I absolutely need to do better!  Even with movies.  I’ll see a preview showing a favorite actor of mine and it will appear to be the hottest thing out!  Rarely is my expectation met.  It’s all formulaic, and although I’m annoyed by being consumed, man do I love being entertained.  It’s a real Catch 22!  Whether it’s your food choices or travel destinations, you have to be smart with your decisions.  Most of us need marketing for our own endeavors, and because of that– here are some exclusive tips on not getting too caught up:

With Food – Most terms using to describe ingredients are deceitful at minimum.  Terms like ‘natural’ and ‘sugar-free’ are some of the major workarounds.  Do your research!  Especially if you’re a douche-bag about what you eat. 

With Cinema – This is close to my heart, because I am a movie buff.  In my self-made professional opinion…I would do research on the director and the writer.  That is where you can see what the quality of the movie will be like.  Research such as this can save you from seeing a ‘straight-to-DVD’ movie in the theater.

With Supplements – These puppies have become a major money maker for scammers.  There are so many loopholes that surround medicine.  If you have a concern, there exist many natural ways to assist with conditioning and fitness.  There are some decent options, just be intelligent when shopping around if that’s your thing.

In the end, I guess I will always be persuaded at some point.  It just feels good to have some control.  Thanks for reading.  Cheers!  I’m thrilled to be a part of the OutWire757 family.  I hope to bring you the best I’ve got.

Trina Davenport, a Baltimore native, has been writing for over a decade and has an array of multiple talents.  She holds a wealth of knowledge regarding media and loves to express herself through writing as well as a podcast she and her brother host.  Trina’s background includes an IT degree as well as holding a four-year position as Vice President for a Baltimore Non-Profit.  She also has a business called Vino Visuals that creates fine art using wine corks.  She is thrilled to be a part of the OutWire family.

Podcast:  Absolutely Alphas (YouTube, SoundCloud, FB, IG and all major streaming platforms)


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