Friday, June 2, 2023

SNAP! Hampton Roads’ First LGBTQ Youth Magazine Hits The Streets

OutWire757 is excited to unveil SNAP!, Hampton Roads’ only LGBTQ Youth magazine, now available in print and online.  SNAP! was conceived and edited by Old Dominion University senior Sarah Hustead.

“I cried when I held it in my hand, so much love and work when into this project,” they said. “There’s so much hope within it. My favorite part was that it was done by and for LGBTQ+ youth who are from and/or currently in the Hampton Roads area.”

“Working in different social justice realms over the years, one of the most important things that I have learned is that change must be led and supported by the community,” they said.

“And that’s exactly what happened with this magazine.”

Hustead has served as an intern with OutWire757 since last spring and approached the publishers with their idea, not entirely knowing what the end result would look like.  Assembled in approximately three months, Hustead’s vision was to create a publication they wished they had access to growing up with a local focus.

“My vision for this project was basically to compile many things that I wish I knew as a kid (and even some things I wish I knew a few months ago), as a queer person,” they said. 

Hustead added, “My hope was that this project would spread like wildfire, it would ignite the hearts of those who read it and stir up a passion for being LGBTQ+. It would give people the resources to hold their heads high while trying new make-up tips, binding safely, and tying a tie for the first time.”

SNAP! will be published again in early 2019, and readers are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to make the next issue better, more relevant, and useful.  

SNAP! is available free of charge to local youth via local GSA’s and college organizations.  You may download and read SNAP! online (with additional video content) or pick up a copy around town. If you or your youth organization would like to request copies, please contact Andrew Roberts.

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