Thursday, March 30, 2023

The US Trans Survey, the largest of its kind in US history, is now open

Founded in 2015, the first U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS) was the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of transgender people, with 27,715 respondents across the United States.

The 2022 USTS aims to be even larger.

The 2022 USTS will provide an updated and expanded view of the experiences of transgender people across a wide range of areas, such as education, employment, family life, health, housing, and interactions with police and prisons.

The USTS provides much-needed information to help the public understand the lives and experiences of transgender people in the United States and the disparities that many transgender people face. The USTS fills in some of the large gaps in research about transgender people, and it provides critical tools for researchers, policymakers, and advocates seeking to better understand the needs of transgender people and to find ways to improve their lives.

Many questions in the USTS are modeled after questions used in federal surveys, allowing for comparisons between the USTS sample and the U.S. population as a whole, and is vital in demonstrating the disparities faced by transgender people in the U.S. across a number of areas, such as in unemployment, poverty, and health.

The USTS is an important resource for use in public education and advocacy about transgender people, the patterns of discrimination many transgender people face, and the need for policy and social change to improve their lives.

The USTS is for all trans people ages 16 years and older, including binary and nonbinary trans identities, living in the United States, a U.S. territory, or on a U.S. military base. The 2015 survey included 27,715 respondents from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and several U.S. territories and military bases overseas. The survey is open to trans people at any stage of their lives, journey, or transition.

The survey is open through October 19.

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