Monday, March 20, 2023

Today in LGBTQ History – AFL/CIO Votes to Support Gay Rights and Germany Elects First Gay Member of Parliament

October is LGBTQ History month.  To commemorate past events that have defined our present (and future) OutWire757 will be bringing you historical snippets from around the world and around the corner.

On October 4, two milestones were achieved.

1983: The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) voted to support gay rights legislation. An excerpt from the resolution states, “We in the labor movement don’t believe that civil rights is a special interest. It’s all our interest. It’s the interest of all of us to ensure that equality and freedom is extended to all the citizens of our country.”

1985: Herbert Rusche, a German politician and LGBT activist, became the first openly gay individual to be voted onto the German Parliament. A member of the Green Party, he would go on to serve for two years in the position. He also co-founded Homo Heidelbergensis in 1972, the first openly gay organization in the city.

For an engaging overview of local LGBTQ history, be sure to join Dr. Charles Ford of Norfolk State University tomorrow evening for his walking tour, “Red Lights and Civil Rights” in downtown Norfolk.  Fore details on this free tour, check out the event listing here.


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