Thursday, March 30, 2023

Do You Have a Favorite Hampton Roads Beach?

Memorial Day is approaching and while the weather may not feel as if summer is right around the corner, it’s almost time to squeeze into last year’s swimsuit and hit the beach!

Hampton Roads doesn’t have a ‘gay’ beach on par with Fire Island, Provincetown or South Beach, but there are quite a few beaches in the area that measure up in terms of privacy, sand, sun & a bit of fun.

Here are a few of our favorites – we skipped the oceanfront and focused on alternatives to the boardwalk.

Yorktown Beach:  Yorktown Beach is a typical small beach, with about three acres of beachfront, a fishing pier and places to play and picnic.  The view of the river is great as is the proximity to the historic triangle.

Fort Monroe:  Since Fort Monroe was decommissioned, the Chesapeake Bay beach located nearby the former officers club (now Paradise Ocean Club) was located has become popular.  As it is part of the Fort Monroe complex, the site offers a lot to do.  Biking within and around the old fort is a lot of fun.  Where else can you sunbathe with a fortified moat and a Civil War stockade as a backdrop?

Croatan Beach (Virginia Beach):  Close to Camp Pendleton at the north end of Virginia Beach, for some, this beach is a hidden gem they do not want anyone else to know exists.

Oceanview (Norfolk):  The eight miles of beachfront on the Chesapeake Bay are easy to get to and enjoy.  The waves are easy and as an urban beach, it has its charms, including ample places to eat, fish or do both at the pier!

Sandbridge: If you want to find the feel of remote OBX without the long drive, this is the closest you will find. Sandbridge is remote and difficult to get to, which means less people!!! Bring your own picnic and beach supplies.  Biking in Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is fun as is kayaking on the sound side.

Did we miss your favorite beach?  Care to share your favorite quiet beach with your brethren?  Add your favorite in the comment section.  We may have to start a rotating LGBT beach party this summer!






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