Monday, March 20, 2023

UNC President Directs Enforcement of HB 2

In an April 7 memo, University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings, directed The UNC system to violate federal law and comply with HB 2, the controversial and discriminatory legislation recently signed by Governor Pat McCrory.

According to the Human Rights Council President Chad Griffin,

“This decision by UNC President Margaret Spellings not only inflicts real harm on transgender students in the UNC system, but also risks all federal funding flowing to the university, including federal student loans and grants to the thousands of students attending the state’s 17 campuses,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “All students have a right to learn without fear of discrimination, and President Spellings has an obligation to protect them. We urge her to reverse this decision, and stand up to the bullies who are targeting students simply for who they are.”

Compliance with HB 2 is in violoation of the federal Title IX statutes and could put $4.5 billion in federal educational funds at risk in NC.  In addition, more than 130 business leaders from across the nation are urging repeal of HB 2 in the next legislative session.  Failure to do so could lead to further economic boycotts and fallout in North Carolina.

Spellings served as Secretary of Education for President George W. Bush and came under fire for being homophobic prior to taking the helm at UNC.  Read more about Spelling from Slate’s reporting here.

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