Saturday, June 10, 2023

UPDATE: NC Governor Signs Legislation Reversing All Local Ordinances Protecting LGBT Citizens


North Carolina Lawmakers Push through legislation reversing local ordinances protecting LGBT citizens.  Gov. Pat McCrory signed legislation Wednesday night.

Full Coverage from The Washington Blade here.

Previous coverage below:

Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina called out leaders of the North Carolina legislature for calling a special session solely to undermine Charlotte’s recently passed non-discrimination ordinance.

“It is absolutely shameful that North Carolina lawmakers are going to waste taxpayer dollars trying to strip local control from the city of Charlotte and its citizens. Worse yet, they’re doing so to advance discrimination and put North Carolina on the wrong side of history,” said Marty Rouse, National Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign.  “The people of Charlotte elected a pro-equality mayor and a pro-equality majority to the City Council. Those leaders decided that it was in the best interest of Charlotte to provide local protections for the residents and visitors in their community.  This attempt to strip away local control from Charlotte is a slap in the face to the people of Charlotte and the democratic process. We urge all fair-minded North Carolinians to let their elected officials know that they should stay out of Charlotte’s business and focus on the real issues that voters all across the state actually care about.”

To read more about this issue and how to reach your NC legislator to express your feelings about the special session, visit the HRC website here.

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