Virginia Beach Pizza Shop Posts Controversial Sign


Windy City Pizza on General Booth Boulevard in Virginia Beach has posted a sign that appears to be referencing the controversial topic of transgender restrooms.

The sign reads “We have a men’s room. We have a ladies room. If this confuses you, we can help!”

NewsChannel 3 reached out to the store owner, who didn’t want to talk on camera.

He told us over the phone that he does not have a specific stance on the issue, but likes to post messages to stimulate conversation.

Stacie Walls-Beegle, Executive Director of the LGBT Center of Hampton Roads, responded with this statement:

“We appreciate the owner of Windy City Pizza’s willingness to make a positive contribution to the ongoing national conversation about transgender restroom usage – with respect to ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected.  The LGBT Center of Hampton Roads believe that everyone deserves to live and work with equality, dignity and to be treated fairly.  This level of fairness extends to the privacy afforded individuals in public restrooms – everyone, including transgender people, care about safety and privacy in restrooms.”

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