Sunday, March 26, 2023

Bitch at the Bigoted Benham Brothers

The Benham Bros. of North Carolina, Nothing gay here, keep moving.
The Benham Bros. of North Carolina. As you can see, there is nothing gay here, keep moving.

Jason and David Benham, two of the most outspoken anti-LGBT activists in the country are defending North Carolina’s recently passed legislation aimed at undermining local LGBT protections.

As with most fear mongering right-wing activists, the Benham’s infuse their rhetoric with Bible references.  Here is a sample:

“Today, the sexual revolution of Sodom has pervaded every sphere of society, capturing both young and old. And anyone standing in the way will be surrounded by an angry mob demanding participation.”

These two seem obsessed with being forced to participate with an LGBT mob bent on forcing things down their throats.

As part of this angry mob, what would you say to the Benham’s?

Contribute to the “Bitch Board” in the comments.  The best comment will be published next week.

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