‘Freedom To Marry’ Film Debut To Feature Attorney General Herring And Special Guests

The award-winning documentary about the struggle for marriage equality shows for one night only this Wednesday at the Naro Cinema.


Tomorrow evening a viewing of the marriage equality documentary The Freedom to Marry is scheduled at the Naro Cinema. A panel discussion follows with Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, Supreme Court plaintiffs Tim Bostic and Tony London, Laurel Quarberg and Sarah Munford, and Barry Menser and Michael Hamar.

Said Tony London, “This is a very exciting time to meet and discuss with so many people the issues surrounding the fight for marriage equality as well as a grand opportunity to personally thank Attorney General Mark Herring for his tireless efforts to reverse the ban.”

Over the last four decades, same-sex marriage has gone from a preposterous notion to one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the world. But the most surprising elemnent of the struggle for marriage equality is that it was carefully planned.

The Freedom to Marry is a “War Room” style feature documentary detailing the grassroots origins of the movement to the final frenetic months of the legal preparation to the final Supreme Court decision.

The film follows Evan Wolfson, the architect of the movement, civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto and their key colleagues on this decades long battle which culminated in a dramatic fight at the United States Supreme Court.

The Naro doors open at 7:15 PM. Admission is $10 per person with tickets available at the door.