Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Future ‘Pollen Vortexes’ Will Only Become Worse Due to Climate Change

You know what ‘Gets Me Going?’  The amount of pollen that we encounter each year is getting completely out of hand.  It is also lasting considerably longer, between 6 to 27 days to be exact.  What gives??  It’s become progressively worse and it’s been forecasted that 2019 is surging quickly and the worst year yet!  This growing allergen has even become a topic of comic relief, with jokes about the “pollen vortex” and “pollen tsunamis” coming to take over.  These anecdotes are sadly accurate.  

After doing some minor research, it appears to be climate change that’s the culprit and each year this dusty nuisance is becoming more aggressive.  Taking a glance at an allergy map it reveals that Virginia’s pollen count is between 9.7 and 12, which is the highest in the country (lucky us).  Then you have places like Alaska.  Alaska is warming quicker than its surrounding states and the allergy dangers for them are even higher.  The North period faces this rapid increase.  The trajectory for ragweed and grass pollen is ridiculous and absolutely terrifying.  It is rumored that the production counts will double by 2040.  What scares me the most is the fact that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.  Al Gore warned us in 2006 with ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and now we are facing the effects of our careless behavior.  There are several ways to take action and remedy this, but the sad truth is we have about a decade before things get severe.  Hate to depress you, but this pollen is a small wake up call.

There are a few survival tips for this pandemic that you can practice for some relief in the meantime.  First, check the pollen count in your area daily and consult with your physician to see when you should be most concerned and what your triggers are specifically.  Second, stay indoors when the counts are high if you are able.  I know you’ve been dying to catch a proper tan and feel that warm sun, but give your sinuses and lungs some care too.  The last tip I have, which may be unlikely for us vain Americans, is to wear a mask.  You can enjoy the sun and reduce sneezing while appearing to have a contagious virus.  It’s a win-win!  

No matter what, we are going to have a great summer here in Hampton Roads, stay safe and healthy.  Thanks for tuning in.  Cheers!

Trina Davenport, a Baltimore native, has been writing for over a decade and has an array of multiple talents.  She holds a wealth of knowledge regarding media and loves to express herself through writing as well as a podcast she and her brother host.  Trina’s background includes an IT degree as well as holding a four-year position as Vice President for a Baltimore Non-Profit.  She also has a business called Vino Visuals that creates fine art using wine corks.  She is thrilled to be a contributor to OutWire757.

Podcast:  Absolutely Alphas (YouTube, SoundCloud, FB, IG and all major streaming platforms)

Art:  Vinovisuals.com

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