Gavin Grimm’s Legal Fight Subject of New Documentary

The unassuming transgender teen from Gloucester never sought the spotlight for an act as simple as using the restroom. But through his persistence, Gavin has shone a light on the needs of transgender students in our schools. (Photo: Eric Hause)

Gloucestef teen Gavin Grimm is the subject of a new documentary by Nadia Hallgren and producer Lauren Cioffi that shadowed Mr. Grimm in the months leading up to what would have been his Supreme Court hearing. And while his case was ultimately not heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, he still has a message to send.

“My message remains static in that I have always tried to communicate to people that transgender people deserve the same rights as anyone else, including in regards to bathroom access,” Gavin told¬†Teen Vogue.¬†“Transgender people are not a danger to non-transgender people in bathrooms, or anywhere else. Being trans does not make you inherently deviant or dangerous.”

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