Monday, March 20, 2023

Looming Housing Crisis Faces Aging LGBT Community

Aging is unavoidable – regardless of the frequency with which we hit the gym, how much kale we eat or how many miles we can run, it happens to everyone and is a bit of a taboo topic in our youth-obsessed culture.  As members of the LGBT community, the aging process is further complicated due to ingrained homophobia, discrimination, family dynamics and other issues that result in limited support for our aging community.  One particularly glaring issue facing the LGBT community is senior housing.

A radio interview originally appearing on the Erickson Resource Group blog on March 28, 2016, takes on the looming senior LGBT crisis.   Serena Worthington from SAGE discusses the complexity of this issue.  Click here to listen to discussion.

In coming months, OUTWire757 will explore other aging issues and how our lives in Hampton Roads may be impacted.  Share with us your experiences in the comment section.


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