Thursday, March 30, 2023

New Documentary “5B” Celebrates Nurses Who Took Action to Create First HIV/AIDS Ward in U.S.

5B is a new documentary about a group of nurses that took extraordinary action to comfort, protect and care for the patients of the first HIV/AIDS ward unit in the United States at San Francisco General Hospital in the early 1980’s. 

5B is told through first-person testimony of the nurses and caregivers who built Ward 5B in 1983, their patients, loved ones, and staff who volunteered to create care practices based in humanity and holistic well-being during a time of great uncertainty. 5B is a candid and bittersweet monument to a pivotal moment in American history and a celebration worthy of renewed recognition.

“Some stories have the special ability to remind us of the best in humanity and push us to find the best in ourselves and one another — 5B is one of those stories,” says Hayley Pappas, Head of RYOT Films at Verizon Media’s RYOT. “With great delicacy and craft, 5B takes us back to a defining moment in history and invites us to walk alongside the ordinary people who rose to extraordinary circumstances. We’re honored and privileged to be able to share their story, and we hope this film is able to continue their legacy of service.”

A portion of the proceeds from 5B will support (RED)’s fight to end AIDS and the work of the Global Fund – the recipient of all (RED) monies. Additionally, 5B will bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS issue ahead of the sixth Global Fund Replenishment in October 2019.

5B is an important documentary that shines a light on the extraordinary nurses, caregivers and family members that built Ward 5B, and uses their powerful story to generate money for the Global Fund to help finance HIV/AIDS programs today,” said Jennifer Lotito, Chief Operating Officer at (RED).

Co-directed by Dan Krauss and featuring Sasha Cuttler, Alison Moed, Mary Magee, Cliff Morrison, Hank Plante III, Rita Rockett, Guy Vandenberg and other heroes of Ward 5B.

5B is presented by RYOT, a Verizon Media company, 5B  premiered at the 2019 Festival de Cannes on Thursday, May 16 as an Official Special Screening. Following, the film premiered in the U.S. in partnership with LA Pride as part of Verizon’s ground-breaking inaugural title sponsorship of the annual event.  

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